Radio New Zealand Interview

Radio New Zealand

Yesterday I did an interview with the wonderful Kiwi broadcaster Jim Mora on his show “Afternoons” on Radio New Zealand. We talked about J.R.R. Tolkien as an example of a terrific father (despite being a writer!); the notion of “Orcery;” the pleasures of baking bread and making mushroom soup; and the significance of Thorin Oakenshield’s deathbed speech (spoiler alert!) Have a listen.


  1. Great Interview on the Radio!
    If you get down to New Zealand
    Be sure to Visit Manapouri…
    We have the Gates of Mordor, Dead Marshes, Anduin River and of course the Mythical Mount Tolkien as well as the Sliverlode Falls…

    • Thanks, Aaron! I had fun talking to Jim. He’s a great guy. I’ve seen Manapouri in the making of docs (and in the films, of course) and would love to go there some day. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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